How-To: Mermaid Hair

One of my favorite parts of going out when I was in college was getting ready with my roommates. It included borrowing blouses, swapping heels, and catching up while doing our hair. One time, during my sophomore year, I decided to wear my hair in waves for a party. My then-roommate always made my hair look phenomenal, be it pin straight or in pin up curls, but it always took at least three hours to do. So one evening, I wore my hair a bit more natural, and my roommate dubbed it as mermaid hair. These days, I don’t straighten my hair quite as much as I used too. I prefer keeping my hair healthy and somewhat heat free, at least some of the time. Since my loose waves mermaid hair is my current go-to, I figured I’d share a tutorial of my beach ready or date night ready hair. It’s the perfect look for when you want to feel dressed up for date night or just a bit put together, while still feeling completely unfussy for our stay-at-home/ remote work uniform of yoga pants and a slouchy tee.


Step 1: After washing your hair, press out all extra water from it without using a blow dryer, and then braid your hair.
Step 2: Sleep in the wet braid.
Step 3: The next morning, undo your braid and brush your hair. Then, scrunch your hair with a curl enhancer.
Step 4: Enjoy your mermaid hair.

x Paris