DIY: Fancy Handmade Letters

While greeting cards are always a quick, sweet way to convey ones wishes, I have always preferred getting to be creative and make something from scratch. Adding glitter hearts, embossed stamps, and a romantic, old fashioned wax seal to finish it off, there’s nothing quite as fun as getting your hands dirty – and a bit sparkly – by making a more personalized card for your loved ones. Here are my tips on how to make a fun, fancy card for any occasion.

Here’s how to do it:
1. Using your glue, write or draw whatever it is you want to add glitter too. I added two hearts on the card, that I then covered in glitter. Hint: Newspaper underneath helps with both the glitter and embossing powder.
2. Dust off the glitter, and use your stamp(s) to either stamp or emboss the card {I chose the latter in the pictures above}.
3. Write out your message. I matched the gold embossed pattern to sparkly gold writing and a blush pink card to hot pink glitter hearts.
4. Finally, finish off your card with a simple wax seal. To do so, warm the wax, drizzle it on the envelope, and press the wax seal in to seal it with the imprint.
5. Enjoy!
x Paris

DIY: Lace Cuff

While I am ready to wear something lacy year round, there’s something about the holiday season that makes lace feel like a necessity. Since I already own one to many lace dresses, I decided to try my hand at making a classic gold lace cuff recently. I love that I can wear this with jeans and a tee shirt or dress it up in a date night dress. And since it is so simple to make, I plan to be making ones in different colors like silver and rose gold to give as gifts for all my girl friends.
Tools: Base of a kitchen towel roll, paper bags, cling film, floss, lace, fabric stiffening spray, fabric color spray, scissors, jewelry wire, jump ring + lobster clasp.

How to Do it:

Step 1: Wrap the base of a kitchen towel roll with a paper bag to thicken it’s size to fit your wrist.
Step 2: Wrap cling film over the mold.
Step 3: Tie the lace with a piece of floss around the mold.
Step 4: Spritz the lace with a fabric stiffening spray to help it keep shape. Let it set overnight.
Step 5: Cut a piece of jewelry wire to be just a little larger than your wrist and put it through the inside loop of the lace.
Step 6: Add a lobster clasp and jump ring to each end of the wire.
Step 7: Spray the cuff with a fabric spray in the color of your choice.
Step 8: Enjoy!

x Paris