Butternut Squash Triangoli with Brown Butter Sage & Crumbled Gruyere

The other day I discovered butternut squash triangoli at the store. I instantly grabbed the fresh pasta, eager to figure out how best to serve it. After boiling the pasta, I browned sweet butter – along with fresh sage leaves – that were then poured over the triangoli. And to top it off, I crumbled gruyere, which melted ever so slightly in the warmth of the hot meal. The sweetness of the butternut squash paired perfectly with the buttery sauce, the crisped sage leaves, and the flavorful cheese. It felt like such an indulgent way to enjoy a robust and decadent lunch, and felt perfectly appropriate to enjoy while listening to the rain and wind outside.

Butternut Squash Triangoli

1. Boil the pasta. On a separate stove, heat some butter along with fresh sage leaves.
2. Once the butter has browned and the sage leaves have become crispy, pour it on top of the pasta.
3. Finally, grate or crumble gruyere cheese over the pasta.
4. Enjoy!

x Paris

Penne with French Herbs, Crumbled Gruyere, & an Olive Oil Drizzle

The other afternoon I found a bottle of Rodelle’s Herbes de Provence in our fridge. It was one of those impulse buys – something that looked amazing {add it to pastas, pizzas, soups, sandwiches…the possibilities being truly endless}, but that ended up rarely being used and tucked away to the back of our fridge. I decided to add it to my afternoon pasta, along with olive oil and crumbled gruyere. While the dish without the herbs would have been good – who doesn’t like pasta tossed in olive oil and covered in fresh, slightly melted cheese – the herbs {a blend of thyme, fennel, basil, savory, and lavender} added an extra dimension of flavor to the dish that I didn’t expect. I love that even once this bottle gets over {and I know it will very soon now that I have rediscovered it}, I can add any combination of herbs from our garden to add a slightly different flavor combination. The best part is this is ridiculously easy to make – just toss the penne with olive oil, add in the herbs, to taste, and then crumble fresh gruyere on top, which will melt slightly thanks to the warm, freshly cooked pasta.
x Paris