Thirty-Four Resolutions For Thirty-Four

{Strawberry & White Chocolate Ice Cream Cake.}

As a child, I would go all out each month for my monthly birthday {making the fact that I now celebrate quarterly an obvious improvement from the original twelve}. Thus, it’s pretty obvious to say I like to celebrate birthdays – especially mine – {hello, perfect excuse for presents and cake}. When I turned twenty-five, I made some goals for myself for the latter half decade of my twenties. The goals were big – traveling to a multitude of new countries – learning how to design my own clothes {considering I couldn’t really sew but would secretly love to be a fashion designer, this was huge} – running a half ironman {and perhaps even a full} as well as completing a century bike ride – writing for a major magazine {such as my dream: Cosmo & Vogue} – moving someplace new, like  New York City – publishing a book. The list was long, with goals I hoped I could accomplish before I turned thirty, but I also knew that if I didn’t, that was okay. These were life goals. If I wrote for Cosmo at 30 instead of 29, I’d be just as happy. If I moved to New York at 32 instead of 27, I wouldn’t complain. My typical New Years Resolutions tend to be less lofty {as seen here}. After all, wearing bright lipstick or drinking green juice isn’t exactly quite as tough to accomplish compared to completing a full iron man {which includes a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, + 26.2 full marathon – I’m crazy to even consider attempting this, I know}. Since I have twelve months until my next birthday, I decided to create a list of resolutions that are mixed with both simple and challenging goals that are to be completed by May 2024: thirty-four goals to accomplish during my thirty-fourth year. I hope they inspire you to create some life goals as well, whether or not your birthday is coming up. x

fly a plane – travel somewhere new – eat a more plant-based diet – brush up on my Spanish, French, and Italian speaking skills – run more – practice sewing – read and write more poetry – cleanup my closet – start taking guitar lessons – take a cooking class – try more new-to-me cuisines such as Jamaican food – follow my entertaining/ hostess mantra and make my house always “ten minutes from being guest ready” – start freelance writing again – continue to play bartender by making my own signature {virgin} cocktails {which will of course be featured here}, or even try a cocktail making class – reach out to someone who I’ve lost touch with over the years – learn something new: a language, instrument, skill – play tourist in my own town – become more financially literate – visit a beach I’ve never been to before – decorate my home with fresh flowers + indulgent candles – practice making jewelry – indulge in spa days {at home and at the spa} – start each morning with a workout – wear sunscreen religiously – bake often – become a better plant mom/ gardener – spend more time at the beach and with my toes in the sand – chase sunrises and sunsets, daily –  practice pilates religiously – go on morning walks {preferably with a good music or a true crime podcast} – meditate more – cook at home more often – volunteer and give back as often as possible – celebrate the big things and the little things – try my best to be my best self, whoever she is right now.

x Paris

Super Bowl 50


I’ve never been a huge sports fan, so unless I’m with football fans, I typically skip the Super Bowl in favor of doing nearly anything else possible. However, when I first learned that Super Bowl 50 was being held in my backyard {aka Santa Clara, California} way back in 2014, I decided that come Super Bowl weekend 2016 I would have to go to Levi’s Stadium to see what the most popular football game of the year is like. So, that Sunday, we made our way up to the Niner’s home {in the name of research} to see the Super Bowl experience truly was. While I knew I didn’t want to actually see the game, it was quite the experience to see the excitement that surrounded America’s favorite Sunday by driving to Levi’s Stadium on game day. And even without watching any of the actual game on TV or in real life {I’ve only to make it to two baseball games and two basketball games – because I danced during both halftime shows – in my entire life}, it was still one of the coolest experiences ever. I loved seeing the decor and lights, hearing the fans cheer, and experiencing what I’ve only ever seen on TV, in real life.

Last year, the game came back to our backyard – this time in sunny southern California – but I decided to stay in the second time around and watch the game {aka, the ads + halftime show} because I had already experienced the perfect, in-person Super Bowl six years earlier. This Sunday, I’m not sure where I’ll be or if football will even be a part of my day. But what I do know is that I will always remember that fun Super Bowl Sunday at Levi’s Stadium in 2016. After all, it was the perfect day with sunshine and a brisk breeze, surprisingly zero traffic, and plenty of military tanks and planes for security. I’m so excited to share a snapshot of our first “live” Super Bowl, in photographs, and I hope you enjoy whatever you do this Sunday, whether it is watching the Super Bowl, Puppy Bowl, or something else entirely.
























x Paris