New Years Resolutions: 2023 Edition

{The prettiest way to start off the New Year, excluding midnight kisses and a decadent brunch, obviously.}

New Years Resolutions tend to be one of those things most people feel rather negatively towards. I think a big part of that is because change is something that happens gradually, not overnight, and the idea behind these resolutions can be that you can completely change yourself the moment the clock strikes midnight on New Years Day. But I honestly adore them. I love that idea that January 1st is a fresh start and we can try to improve on ourselves and be a better version of ourself than we were the previous year, aka You 2.0. However, instead of making grandiose changes that can leave you feeling hopeless if you give up within week two of the year {or within day one of the new year like I tend too}, I plan to make simple changes that help me savor every day just a little more.
This year I plan to: find a reason to smile every day – light indulgent candles  – take daily walks – find something to be grateful for every day – try something new, constantly – enjoy decadent brunches on weekends – drink more water – buy fresh flowers – try new DIY projects – declutter the house, constantly – watch less TV, work more on projects – indulge in at-home spa days for facials and mani/ pedi’s – spend lazy afternoons reading fashion magazines – eat more plants – learn something new like a language, instrument, or a skill – experiment with playful makeup such as a bright lip – try new recipes – read more for pleasure – try exotic dishes – wear sunscreen daily – play dress up even on lazy days – chase after dreams – find the magic in everyday.

With this positive perspective on the new year, I’m finding myself even more excited for 2023. I just know it’s going to be a great year. I’d love to know, what are your resolutions this year?

x Paris

Happy Holidays

Editor’s Note: We’re taking the next couple of weeks off to celebrate the holidays properly but will be back with new content for the new year on January 10, 2023. Happy Holidays! x
I hope your holiday season has been fabulous so far. I’m excited for some lazy days ahead, decadent brunches {ideally including crepes + filled pancakes with a couple of fresh berry syrups and matching berry butters}, afternoon baking, indulgent desserts, sparkling lights, cozy evenings {preferably near the fireplace and with homemade hot chocolate}, evening drives through the local neighborhoods for one last look at the most dressed up + festive houses for my favorite holiday tradition, and of course, lots of magic as we enter the new year. I hope you all have a very, merry Christmas, happiest of holidays, and enjoy the last bit of 2022. See you next year!
x Paris