A Dose of Pretty

{A glimpse of afternoon light.}

It’s safe to say that I was unsure of what day of the week it was every day this past week. Tuesday felt like Friday, Wednesday felt like Monday, and somehow we’ve now {almost} made it to the weekend. And while I might have been checking my Apple watch daily to ensure I knew what weekday and date each day was, that didn’t mean I was waiting all week for the weekend. When I was younger, I used to wish away my days to get to Friday/ the holidays/ summer vacation a little sooner. I realized pretty quickly, however, that this meant I was literally wishing my life away. Instead, I began looking for joy in the little things as a way to savor a Monday morning or a particularly challenging day. This week I noticed that what brought me the most joy ended up being light and nature. Cheers to a weekend filled with even more prettiness as we end April and begin my favorite month of the year, my birthday month, on Monday. x

{Grey skies + a peek of sunlight behind the clouds on our morning walk.}
{My new favorite rosewater scented candle that I have been burning daily.}
{Purple blooms against a ray of sunlight.}
{Grey skies + a grey sea is my new favorite way to start my mornings.}
{A pretty pink bloom peeking through the greenery.}

x Paris

Destination Pretty: Charming Charleston, South Carolina

{Boone Hall Plantation.}

Editor’s Note: As someone who loves to travel – whether it is halfway across the world or just a town over – I figured Earth month would be the perfect time to begin sharing some of my adventures with you. I may share past trips or ones I am still unpacking from, but I hope that this series inspires you to explore our beautiful planet as much as you can. x 

Over Easter weekend, we ended up in Charleston, South Carolina for our very first family reunion. I was thrilled to visit a new state {state #32 for me, which means I’ve been to more countries – 33 so far – than states in the US!}, especially one that I had read so much about in history books. We managed to visit the Boone Hall Plantation in the nearby town of Mount Pleasant, which was a somber and educational experience. For instance, they found a receipt in the house from the 1800s where a woman was purchased for breeding purposes for ~$900. In today’s prices, a human being would have been bought for ~$30,000, or the cost of a car. On a happier note, the Avenue of the Oaks that welcomes you onto the property was by far the most magical part of my trip, and I was happy that the family who own the property have only had it since the last century {and thus not profiting from slavery, and once again from visitors who want to learn about this atrocious time in American history}.

We also managed to explore King Street {I adored the adorable shops and cafes that lined the streets}, visit the Charleston Market {where we saw beautiful work from many local artists and creators}, go on a nighttime ghost tour of the city, explore the famous Pineapple Fountain, walk around Rainbow Row {my favorite part of the city}, wander around The Battery {from where you could see Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie}, and see The Dock Street Theater {which was the first theater that was made solely for theatrical performances}.

While the weather was incredibly unpredictable during our visit – it was blazing hot one day, rainy and ice cold the next – I felt really fortunate to visit Charles Town, a.k.a. Charleston {originally named after King Charles II} this spring. The city is quaint and historic, the people are so polite that it’s clear that southern hospitality runs in their blood, and the food {vegan cuisine that rivals LA’s – and questions if the city of angels truly is the mecca for plant-based food, pizza slices that are literally the size of your arm, and tea lattes that were so delicious, I would often have two or three a day} was incredible. If Charleston isn’t on your bucket list yet, I hope this inspires you to reconsider. And if you have been to, or live in, Charles Town, I’d love to know, what is your favorite thing about the city?

{Part of the beautiful gardens on the property.}
{The majestic and magical Avenue of the Oaks.}
{The Cotton Dock being set up for a wedding that evening. Fun Fact: This was the plantation – specifically the Cotton Dock – where Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds got married in 2012. Personally, however, plantations show a piece of our history that was so awful, I could not imagine starting my love story at one.}
{The slave houses behind me showed the stark contrast between how people once lived solely because of the amount of melanin in their skin.}
{The beautiful architecture in town.}
{King Street: the best place for shopping and eating in downtown.}
{The Charleston/ Charleston Night/ Charleston City Market that spans many, many blocks.}
{The city is filled with horse-drawn carriages, which just adds to the magic.}
{Palmetto lined streets that showcase why South Carolina is known as the Palmetto State.}
{Charleston’s famous pineapple fountain.}
{Streets that feel like we’re in Europe.}
{Pretty pathways.}
{Rainbow Row – my favorite part of Charleston.}
{Pastel-hued homes.}
{Seeing Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie from Charleston.}
{At the Battery.}
{The Dock Street Theater – sadly there weren’t any shows going on during our weekend visit.}

x Paris