Collecting Experiences

FullSizeRender-1647{One of the coolest things I’ve done: a hot air balloon ride over the Napa Valley a few summers ago.}

It’s not anything new that researchers recommend we spend money on experiences over things {a quick Google search will leave you with a plethora of articles stating just that}. And as I get older, I believe in that mentality more and more.

While I’ve always loved shopping, I’ve started to find myself craving new experiences over the past few years. Sky diving in New Zealand sounds far more appealing than having the latest laptop. Walking on the Great Wall of China sounds far more fun than getting new decor for my apartment. And going on a safari in Kenya sounds far more adventurous and exciting than getting a new wardrobe.

I’ll admit that while I’m far from one to pass up the chance to shop, and probably spend more than I should on my skincare, make up, home decor, and wardrobe every month, I find myself aiming to try a new experience whenever possible. Whether it’s taking a cooking class and learning to make homemade pasta like I did a few autumns ago or hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu like I experienced in 2017, I find that it doesn’t really matter how far away or how expensive my experience is to truly gain something from it.

I’ve also found that not only do experiences allow me to utilize my free time in a more fun way than just walking from store to store, but they also make me feel like a more interesting version of myself. A conversation about a pretty dress I purchased is only so exciting to discuss, but telling someone about how I snorkeled between the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates in Iceland is something people are much more intrigued by.

And while I have no plans to sell all my things and spend my life traveling like some people choose to do {as a Taurus, I crave the stability of having a home. Plus, I have a slight shoe addiction I’m not yet willing to give up}, I do like the idea of finding new things to do whether it is at home or half way across the world. I’m lucky to live in a beautiful, bustling city like San Diego where I can take surfing classes, go snorkeling, or even explore Mexico pretty easily, but I’m equally excited to travel the world and head to a new country with good friends once it’s safe enough to do so again.

I’d love to know, what are your favorite experiences?



P.S.: The reason I’m wearing two different shirts in the pictures above is because our original hot air balloon date didn’t work out since the balloon wouldn’t inflate properly. Luckily we didn’t live too far from Napa so we went back a week later and got to experience the beauty of California’s wine country from the sky.

x Paris

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