A Dose of Pretty

{Violet skies for a stunning, post-sunset walk by the sea.}

This week flew by. I loved that I found myself not reaching for my laptop by the evening, which meant I had time to practice my calligraphy, continue learning how to crochet, playing card games after dinner, and reading each night before bed. It felt like the perfect mixture of productive {by practicing my hobbies} and relaxing {by playing games and reading}. I’m equally excited for a holiday weekend spent at home and avoiding my inbox {emails are one of my least favorite things}, but rather taking care of my garden, watching holiday-inspired movies, and cleaning and curating my closet. We’re kicking off the three days weekend with our weekly pizza night again, making it from scratch with my homemade sourdough for dinner + a movie tomorrow night. I hope you have a great one as well. And Happy Veterans Day to all those who have served and protected our freedom. Thank you for your service.

{People watching, writing, and sipping on a lavender vanilla + rose oat milk latte as the sun sets in downtown.}
{The moon behind cotton candy clouds.}
{Brody’s paw prints after the rain earlier this week.}
{A mid-afternoon coffee break: sipping on a Cuban cortadito.}
{A stunning and cloudy, post-eclipse moon + teal-hued night sky.}

x Paris

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