Thanksgiving – Finding Thanks

{Wild turkeys amongst pretty magenta flowers and golden leaves.}

Thanksgiving, a day spent overindulging while counting our blessings, is somehow in exactly a week. As a child, I never thought too much about turkey day; being a vegetarian, I always lost out. I would bake a lot of treats as a teenager, and my mom would make a typical meal instead of something a bit more decadent for the day. 

But as I’ve gotten older, I have found myself feeling grateful on a daily basis for the big and little things in life, and thus I have a newfound appreciation for the holiday. Plus, now that I get to make the meals in our house, I absolutely adore making a more decadent dinner than we typically get to enjoy + trying out plant-based versions of the traditional dishes served.
Whether or not you celebrate the holiday, I hope you are able to find somethings that you are grateful for currently.
This year I am grateful for: pale pink nail polish – good health – sparkly jewels – French crepes – lipstick – the sound of the rain against the roof {especially at night} – glossy fashion magazines – beautiful weather – expensive perfume – mint chocolate chip and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream – stunning sunsets {bonus points if they are over the sea} – quiet early mornings  – freshly baked cookies – oversized sunglasses – decadent brunches – {virgin} mint mojitos – cashmere scarves – peppermint bark – beautiful dresses – my sweet garden – freshly lit candles – my loved ones – beach days + my toes in the sand – hot chocolate – tropical vacations – strappy, sky high heels – pink peonies – traveling the world – morning walks – pecan pie – bubble bathes – long runs – the ocean – my incredible rescue pup – this pretty little site.
I hope you all enjoy an indulgent meal with your loved ones and have more blessings than you can count. We’ll be taking next week off to celebrate the holiday, but back with new content on November 29, 2022. Have a great one!
x Paris