A Dose of Pretty

{A stunning view of the night sky.}

As I get older, I find that nothing is better than spending a few days doing absolutely nothing. That’s what made last week feel so special. I spent each day sleeping in, watching holiday movies {as well as a couple of Disney films I hadn’t seen since I was a child}, playing board games, and eating delicious food {and not just on Thursday, of course}. It was a good taste of what I love most about the holidays: the sense of time slowing down, spending time with those we love, and having absolutely no plans at all. I hope you had a wonderful two weeks and a delicious Thanksgiving, if you celebrate! x

{A pretty white rose in the sunlight.}
{Thanksgiving dinner. Not pictured: the endless rounds of Clue + Disney movies we watched.}
{A short stopover at the Las Vegas airport that made me realize how long it’s been since the last time I was in Sin City.}
{A pretty array of donuts.}

x Paris

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