Winter To-Do List

IMG_6219{Wintery weather + afternoon light.}

Next week is the start of winter, a season which requires you to wrap yourself up in your coziest sweater, drink plenty of hot chocolate to stay warm, and spend some quality time in front of your fireplace. This time of year is one of my favorite because the holidays are in full swing and the possibilities for change are so full with the new year just a few days away. However, this year I want to learn to focus on more than just how to celebrate winter for the first couple of weeks, but rather find special ways to celebrate the season through the middle of March. After all, who doesn’t want to savor the magic that is the end of fall and start of winter? Here are some of the things I want to do before the ice melts away and my birthday season begins.

Winter To-Do List
1. Make winter fruit crepes such as cranberry, pomegranate, and apple crepes with a matching fruit syrups and butters for lazy weekend brunches.
2. Spend a night or a weekend in the mountains, complete with a cozy fireplace and homemade hot chocolate.
3. Take our annual drive to see the Christmas lights/ decorations in local neighborhoods.
4. Make + decorate homemade sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies.
5. Continue learning to crochet.
6. Light our fireplace and cozy up with a warm throw, hot drink, and a good book or movie.
7. Take more virtual cooking classes {mostly because I love the convenience of not leaving home}.
8. Light fragrant candles, especially on cold, rainy nights.
9. Try making homemade pasta.
10. Try {or try again} a snow sport such as cross country skiing, downhill skiing, or snowboarding.
I’d love to know, what are your plans this winter?

x Paris