Two Thousand & Twenty-Two

This year was incredibly special. I found myself falling back in love with some of my old hobbies, like stargazing {and planet watching}, and finding new interests to study, such as learning about gemstones {from their origins to their mineral properties, and everything else in-between} + becoming a plant parent. I graduated from business school and traveled through the west coast for everything from conferences to weddings to anniversary celebrations. I took time to write for myself again, spilling out a story I didn’t know I had within me, and went to the beach a few times a week just to chase a sunset or enjoy hearing the waves crash against the sand {a perk of living near the sea}. I began this pretty site that I’ve dreamt of for a long time, and I found myself living in the place my high school self manifested into my current reality. While I normally categorize a year as being either incredibly amazing or challenging, 2022 fell someplace in-between and making it feel more special than anything else. And while I’m ridiculously excited for the new year {aka, my second favorite holiday after Valentine’s Day, of course}, I’m really grateful to spend the next ten days truly savoring the last bit of this special year.
x Paris