A Dose of Pretty

{One of the most beautiful sunsets in La Jolla.}

Somehow 2022 flew by and we are nearly two weeks into the new year. It feels strange to me ever since we hit the 2020s to realize that the new millennium is not so new anymore. That being said, it felt so luxurious to spend the last couple of weeks of 2022 and the start of this century {and millennium’s} 23rd birthday with absolutely no plans, no alarm clocks, and just celebrating with friends and family. And while we’ve gotten into the swing of day-to-day life again, I’m excited to switch things up and head to the American Riviera {Ventura/ Santa Barbara/ Montecito} tomorrow, and to America’s Finest City {San Diego} this weekend.

{The sweetest way to end an even sweeter year.}
{A floral-infused snack break: an earl grey lavender tea latte + açaí bowl.}
{The perfect spot for lunch on a crisp winter afternoon.}
{The prettiest winter wonderland at The Americana.}

x Paris

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