A Dose of Pretty

{White roses on our afternoon walk,}

Somehow, no matter how much I love a holiday weekend {and honestly, who doesn’t?}, the week that follows always feels like it drags on. After an extra long weekend filled with food, fun, travel, and a bit of rain {that California so desperately needs}, this week felt less like I was playing catch up with work and more like I needed to perfect my morning routine. I found that cleaning one part of the house every morning made me feel productive in a way that experts claiming making the bed each day can make you feel {spoiler: making the bed doesn’t work on me}. And it made it so that the house felt a bit sparkly and new everyday since I’d work on it in bite sized pieces {cleaning and organizing for 30-60 minutes a day can be pretty doable after all}. And while the weekend won’t be quite as long this weekend, I’m excited for a sunny couple of days at home, making pizza for date night, going to the beach to catch a sunset, catching up with friends over oat milk tea lattes, and lighting some candles each day. I hope you have a great one as well!

{Cotton candy + sunset-hued clouds.}
{An afternoon cheeseboard is always a good idea.}
{A ridiculously high tide at Butterfly Beach in Montecito that made beach walks impossible last weekend.}
{The sweetest sign to welcome you into a shop on the iconic State Street.}

x Paris

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