Conversation Heart Cookies

I have never been a huge fan of conversation hearts – the colorful candies with sweet sayings that are in abundance in February – but the wording on them always makes me smile. So naturally when I saw this recipe, I knew I was going to have to try my hand at making my own conversation heart cookies. It felt like such a creative way to take the part of these candies I liked {the writing} and add them to something I loved {frosted sugar cookies}. I’ve made them for years now to serve as a sweet reminder of my favorite holiday. Paired with pink champagne, it always feels like such a grown up way to enjoy the candy from my childhood.

Sugar cookie mix
Royal Icing –
Powdered sugar
Full fat milk
Food coloring {I used red, blue, green, and yellow}
How to Make it:
1. Bake heart-shaped sugar cookies.
2. To make the royal icing, I used three heaping tablespoons of powdered sugar {approximately, five tablespoons}, along with one and a half tablespoons of full fat milk. Stir it until it is thick, but not solidified.
3. Separate the icing into various bowls and add just a drop of food coloring. A little bit will go a long way. Stir until the color blends in.
4. Spread the color over the cookies.
5. Write sweet sayings on the cookies.
6. Enjoy!
x Paris