A Dose of Pretty

{Jupiter peeking out through the clouds.}

Earlier this week, it suddenly struck me in my Pilates class that my favorite holiday {Valentine’s Day} is just two weeks away. Somehow, we have already completed 1/12th of 2023 and are two days into February at this point. It reminded me of the importance to slow down and take time to savor each day. Whether it is by playing with Brody, watching the stars and planets, chasing a sunset, or going on a walk by the water, I can never remind myself often enough to simply slow down and smell the roses. My favorite way of doing that this week was by chasing the green comet yesterday. After a delicious Indian dinner, we went up to the Angeles National Forest to find this visible-once-in-every-50,000-years comet, see the craters on the moon, and admire the twinkling stars in the night sky. It was one of the coolest experiences, and was well worth staying up past my bedtime and bundling up in all my sweaters to stay warm. The best part is you can still chase this comet for a few more days if you’d like to see this once in a million lifetimes experience. x

{The sunset and the storm make a beautiful combination.}
{Pink roses + morning raindrops.}
{Late afternoon beach walks where the sky and sea are the same shade of blue grey.}
{Chasing the green comet for a once in a 50,000 year chance. The first image shows the comet the way I saw it, and the second one helps you spot the actual thing.}

x Paris

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