A Dose of Pretty

{Pretty pink blooms.}

While I normally enjoy having a routine, this week I really enjoyed changing it up. I went to different Pilates class than my usual each morning, I cleaned out my car in the middle of the day, I took a bubble bath after lunch in the middle of the week, we watched a movie with dinner each night instead of saving movie night for the weekend, and I spent time in the kitchen trying out new recipes for dinner {my current favorite is the truffle + burrata penne I made last night}. Another way we switched up our routine was with these beautiful blooms that I got a bit before my favorite holiday. Whether I get blooms for myself, from my husband, or from my galentine, I have found not only do they make our home feel prettier, but they always make me happier. And with getting these blooms before the holiday itself, it simply adds to the festive feel of having all pink everything for the entire month. Needless to say, while I relish having a morning routine and nightly ritual that I practice religiously, sometimes nothing is more fun that changing up your day-to-day even when you aren’t on a vacation or a staycation. Tonight, we’re getting pizza to celebrate National Pizza Day, and this weekend, since it is no secret that I love Valentine’s Day, I am excited to head to the American Riviera for an early celebration. I hope you have a great one as well! x


{Beach walks with a sunset are becoming my new favorite evening ritual.}


{Brody being so happy to see me come home from Pilates earlier this week.}


{Moonlight peeking through a cloudy night sky.}


{Orange skies + violet clouds.}

x Paris