A Dose of Pretty

{Sprinkle Cake + Sea Salt Cream & Cookies in a classic McConnell’s waffle cone makes for the yummiest mid-afternoon treat for a stroll through State Street.}

Prior to 2012, ten years before launching this site, I believed in celebrating the big things in life: graduations, weddings, births, retirements – all of the major milestones in life. But in 2012, my life shifted and I began finding an appreciation for the little things as well: a beautiful sunset, a fragrant flower, a delicious meal – all the things that truly make life just a little prettier on a daily basis. But the one thing I loved even before 2012 was celebrating every holiday possible. Whether it was a holiday I had never heard of before but introduced to me by a friend, a federal holiday that gave us a day off from school/ work, or a holiday solely created by Hallmark, I have always loved celebrating every occasion. After all, isn’t everyday on this beautiful planet a reason to celebrate?

And this week was the perfect example of why I have always loved celebrating every holiday. My favorite holiday this past Tuesday means we now have flowers and macarons in the prettiest shades of pink + memories of a fun getaway to the American Riviera last weekend. And while I now have to wait another 52 weeks to celebrate love day again, this past week was a gentle reminder of why it is so important to celebrate every day. We have a finite amount of time in this world, and it is an amount we will never know until the end. Thus, I love knowing that even if my favorite holiday is now a year away, the next holiday to celebrate will be much sooner than that. I’d love to know, what holidays do you love to celebrate?

{Twilight sky + iconic palm trees at Butterfly Beach in Montecito.}
{Started my favorite holiday with a sweet treat: rose and strawberry rose French macarons.}
{A very popular floral bar to build your own Valentine’s Day bouquet.}
{My official favorite meal, ever: Honor Bar’s Emerald Kale Salad + French Fries.}
{Sunlight peeking out from behind the clouds for a beautiful sunset over the sea.}

x Paris

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