A Dose of Pretty

{Fresh flowers were just one of the things that helped me live pretty this week.}

This week flew by and dragged on equally. Monday did not feel like a holiday to me, Tuesday felt like it was later in the week, and by Wednesday, I felt the week had barely begun. I’ve found that I often feel short, holiday weeks feel longer than their counterparts. But even with a week where I felt unsure of the day the whole time, I found it to be a great one.

As a mid-week treat, we went to the theater to see my all-time favorite movie, Titanic, as it was re-released for it’s 25th anniversary. I vividly remember my dad bringing the video tape home {both tapes} from Blockbuster as a child and instantly falling in love with the story {also, am I the only one who still feels nostalgic for those days when we’d go into a Blockbuster store, look for a movie to rent, and wait in line to pay for it trying to avoid the temptation of popcorn and candy?}. I also remember watching it for the first time in theaters in 2012, for Titanic’s 100th anniversary. While I’ve watched the movie more times than I can count, there was something so nice about seeing the film again on the big screen and sobbing all over our popcorn because I knew the heartbreaking end by heart.

This weekend I have absolutely no plans, besides enjoying the rain, and am excited to use the time to make pizza from scratch, light some candles, enjoy our flowers, and maybe chase a sunset. I hope you have a great one as well! x

{A lavender vanilla & rose tea latte + late afternoon beach walk = my favorite way to head into the weekend.}
{A pretty floral pathway in downtown.}
{Another epic sunset over the sea,}
{Strawberry milk makes for the perfect dessert that can also pass as an afternoon pick-me-up.}
{Cotton candy clouds.}

x Paris

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