A Dose of Pretty

FullSizeRender-1578{Pretty appetizers that are the perfect size for sharing.}

Lately, time feels as if it moves quickly and slowly at the same time. It reminds me of how people say when they are in love, their heart beats faster and slower at the same time. We’re somehow going to spring forward this weekend and celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day next week. Even with the atmospheric rivers and extra rain in California currently, I can feel the seasons shift from a cold winter to a brighter, sunnier spring. This weekend we’re up in Northern California to visit my family. I’m excited for some rainier days, shopping at my favorite boutiques near home, and going to our favorite restaurants while we’re here. I hope you have a great weekend as well!

FullSizeRender-1402{Almond milk and granola + fresh berries for a decadently healthy brunch.}

FullSizeRender-1576{Bright yellow hibiscuses on my afternoon walk.}

FullSizeRender-1580{The yummiest task: trying out various white, milk, and dark chocolates for a chocolate tasting.}

FullSizeRender-1579{Paw prints in the cement get me every time.}

FullSizeRender-1577{My new favorite burger: a portabello mushroom + caramelized onion slider.}

x Paris

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