A Dose of Pretty

IMG_4578{Fancy cookies to make my afternoon a bit sweeter: crème brûlée with a vanilla pastry cream and Irish coffee with Bailey’s pastry cream + nutmeg whipped cream.}

I love celebrating everything – whether it is an established holiday like Halloween or a fun, festive day like National Lipstick Day {on July 29th, in case you were wondering}. Thus, I always try to find ways to make each day feel a bit more special, whether it’s going someplace fun on Sunday afternoon, making dessert on Monday evening, or having date night every Friday with a homemade meal + a movie. Based on this philosophy, it’s no surprise that our dessert of choice last week made perfect sense. In my opinion, artisanal cookies are always the perfect way to end the week. And last week I chose a crème brûlée cookie with vanilla pastry cream and an Irish coffee cookie with Bailey’s pastry cream + nutmeg whipped cream to celebrate the start of the weekend and everyone’s favorite Irish holiday. I hope you found an equally decadent way to end your week, every week {holiday or not}. x

IMG_9617{A cloudy sunset walk by the beach + lights from the city on the other side of the shore.}

66af4-photo-1978{The most glamorous of breakfasts – a virgin mimosa + macarons.}

FullSizeRender-1557{Surprised to spot pomegranates on a springtime, afternoon walk.}

IMG_9815{Current obsession: This gorgeous Ceylon padparadscha sapphire that keeps changing from pink to orange every time I move my hand.}

IMG_9596{Hanging out with some new friends at Brody’s favorite park.}

x Paris

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