A Dose of Pretty

{A glimpse of afternoon light.}

It’s safe to say that I was unsure of what day of the week it was every day this past week. Tuesday felt like Friday, Wednesday felt like Monday, and somehow we’ve now {almost} made it to the weekend. And while I might have been checking my Apple watch daily to ensure I knew what weekday and date each day was, that didn’t mean I was waiting all week for the weekend. When I was younger, I used to wish away my days to get to Friday/ the holidays/ summer vacation a little sooner. I realized pretty quickly, however, that this meant I was literally wishing my life away. Instead, I began looking for joy in the little things as a way to savor a Monday morning or a particularly challenging day. This week I noticed that what brought me the most joy ended up being light and nature. Cheers to a weekend filled with even more prettiness as we end April and begin my favorite month of the year, my birthday month, on Monday. x

{Grey skies + a peek of sunlight behind the clouds on our morning walk.}
{My new favorite rosewater scented candle that I have been burning daily.}
{Purple blooms against a ray of sunlight.}
{Grey skies + a grey sea is my new favorite way to start my mornings.}
{A pretty pink bloom peeking through the greenery.}

x Paris