Thirty-Four Resolutions For Thirty-Four

{Strawberry & White Chocolate Ice Cream Cake.}

As a child, I would go all out each month for my monthly birthday {making the fact that I now celebrate quarterly an obvious improvement from the original twelve}. Thus, it’s pretty obvious to say I like to celebrate birthdays – especially mine – {hello, perfect excuse for presents and cake}. When I turned twenty-five, I made some goals for myself for the latter half decade of my twenties. The goals were big – traveling to a multitude of new countries – learning how to design my own clothes {considering I couldn’t really sew but would secretly love to be a fashion designer, this was huge} – running a half ironman {and perhaps even a full} as well as completing a century bike ride – writing for a major magazine {such as my dream: Cosmo & Vogue} – moving someplace new, like  New York City – publishing a book. The list was long, with goals I hoped I could accomplish before I turned thirty, but I also knew that if I didn’t, that was okay. These were life goals. If I wrote for Cosmo at 30 instead of 29, I’d be just as happy. If I moved to New York at 32 instead of 27, I wouldn’t complain. My typical New Years Resolutions tend to be less lofty {as seen here}. After all, wearing bright lipstick or drinking green juice isn’t exactly quite as tough to accomplish compared to completing a full iron man {which includes a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, + 26.2 full marathon – I’m crazy to even consider attempting this, I know}. Since I have twelve months until my next birthday, I decided to create a list of resolutions that are mixed with both simple and challenging goals that are to be completed by May 2024: thirty-four goals to accomplish during my thirty-fourth year. I hope they inspire you to create some life goals as well, whether or not your birthday is coming up. x

fly a plane – travel somewhere new – eat a more plant-based diet – brush up on my Spanish, French, and Italian speaking skills – run more – practice sewing – read and write more poetry – cleanup my closet – start taking guitar lessons – take a cooking class – try more new-to-me cuisines such as Jamaican food – follow my entertaining/ hostess mantra and make my house always “ten minutes from being guest ready” – start freelance writing again – continue to play bartender by making my own signature {virgin} cocktails {which will of course be featured here}, or even try a cocktail making class – reach out to someone who I’ve lost touch with over the years – learn something new: a language, instrument, skill – play tourist in my own town – become more financially literate – visit a beach I’ve never been to before – decorate my home with fresh flowers + indulgent candles – practice making jewelry – indulge in spa days {at home and at the spa} – start each morning with a workout – wear sunscreen religiously – bake often – become a better plant mom/ gardener – spend more time at the beach and with my toes in the sand – chase sunrises and sunsets, daily –  practice pilates religiously – go on morning walks {preferably with a good music or a true crime podcast} – meditate more – cook at home more often – volunteer and give back as often as possible – celebrate the big things and the little things – try my best to be my best self, whoever she is right now.

x Paris