A Dose of Pretty

{A bread pudding birthday cake that I instantly fell in love with thanks to the addition of chocolate chips + a candle in my favorite color.}

Somehow, my birthday has come and gone with the blink of an eye. My birthday weekend was incredible – filled with some of my favorite meals, desserts to ensure the next year would be even sweeter than the last, gorgeous ocean views + beach walks every morning, and spent with those I love. I’ve always been really big on birthdays, trying my hardest to ensure that once a year, everyone has the most perfect day. But this year felt different. As my birthday inched closer, I felt more and more okay with seeing what happened and not planning every little detail, or really any detail. When our original plans to travel fell through, I decided to celebrate a bit closer to home in Ojai. I had previously been to Ojai after a job interview in Ventura in 2017 {my first time to both cities}, but aside from walking around the downtown square and grabbing a tea latte at a local cafe, I didn’t truly know the town. This time, however, I learned that Ojai is California’s Sedona, with vortexes and energy – something the metaphysical enthusiast in my adores. But as the first night drew close, my heart yearned to be closer to the sea. Thus, with no plans set – and just an idea of some restaurants I wanted to try – my birthday weekend pivoted a bit from my revised plans of staying in Ojai. I ended up in Ventura instead, making day trips to State Street in Santa Barbara, Butterfly beach and Coast Village Road in Montecito, and ensured we had ample time to explore Solvang and Ojai. And while I usually love to plan every single detail {even if it is last minute planning}, I hope to bring some of this spontaneity into my next year of life.

{A stunning sunset in Ojai that is aptly named a pink moment.}
{A gorgeous day at Butterfly beach in Montecito.}
{McConnell’s on State Street never disappoints: Eureka Lemon & Marionberries + Sweet Cream Caramel Brownie in a classic waffle cone made my afternoon a little sweeter last weekend.}
{A beautiful white rose to remind us that spring is in the air – even with this May gray.}
{The perfect pairing: a virgin mimosa, aka orange juice, from room service to kick off my morning + my favorite view from our hotel room in Ventura.}

x Paris

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