A Dose of Pretty

{Rose blossoms to remind us to savor the last bits of summer.}

This week was busy, and by Monday I was already waiting for the weekend. But somehow, I found ways to savor each day. Even when I felt completely overwhelmed by the amount of work on my to-do list or my never-ending inbox {side note: I knew I was an adult when my favorite thing about my birthday was that I refuse to check my email all day}, I found little rituals that made me really happy. From stepping into my garden in the mornings to searching for the stars at night, this week was a gentle reminder that it really is the little things that make the biggest difference in life. And while I loved my time in Ventura last week {as documented in some of the pictures below}, I’m even more excited to stay home, watch movies, and enjoy a good fall cleaning this weekend. Have a great one as well!

{I’ve never loved math, but I love this equation: sunshine + salty air + the sea = happiness. The Ventura Pier in the background doesn’t hurt either.}
{Floral additions always make food feel so much more special. This week I loved trying blue cornflower petals.}
{The prettiest path for our Sunday stroll.}
{A stunning sunset during our drive home.}

x Paris

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