Green Apple & Brie Sandwich with a Drizzle of Lavender Infused Honey

I’ve recently been craving sandwiches made with fruit and cheese. There’s something so fresh about taking a sweet, sometimes slightly tart fruit, combining it with a flavorful cheese and just a light drizzle of floral infused honey, all contained within two slices of buttery, toasted bread. By pairing green apples with a soft, double cream brie and a touch of sweet, lavender infused honey, it created the perfect juxtaposition of sweet, tart, and something rich. Since I basically had the perfect foods for wine – cheese, fruit, bread, and honey – I knew I needed to pair it with a good summer white or champagne. However, since I was craving something a bit sweeter, I settled upon a classic mimosa {three parts champagne, one part orange juice} with non-alcoholic champagne for a work-from-home lunch the other day. It was the perfect combination of something sweet and tart to start our week of properly.

{Makes One Sandwich}
One Quarter of an Apple {I used a green apple to add a slight tart flavor, but any apple would work}
Lavender simple syrup {equal parts sugar and water + lavender blossoms}
Cooking Spray
1. Slice the quarter of an apple into four or five pieces.
2. Spray cooking spray on the grill and toast two slices of bread until they are golden brown.
3. Add the apple slices onto the bread and the add the brie on top.
4. Once the cheese starts melting a little, turn of the stove add in a drizzle of lavender honey. To make the lavender infused honey, mix together equal parts honey and lavender simple syrup. Garnish the honey with a lavender blossom, if desired. To make a lavender simple syrup by boiling down equal parts sugar and water with lavender blossoms.
5. Garnish the sandwich with a fresh lavender sprig.
6. Enjoy!
Optional: Serve with a mimosa.
x Paris