A Dose of Pretty

{While I normally have no interest in coffee, my new drink of choice is a Cuban cortado, or cortadito, aka, espresso cut with milk + sugar in an espresso glass.}

After a weekend at home on my own – aka, a weekend filled with ordering takeout, watching Lifetime thrillers and Hallmark holiday movies, and staying up late with my pup – I felt ready and refreshed to tackle this week. And while the week flew by, I am excited for a relaxed weekend with no plans besides a lunch date with a friend, a couple of Pilates classes, and watching some Halloween-inspired movies to get ready to celebrate the holiday dedicated to costumes + candy on Monday. Have a great one as well!

{Spotting the red planet in the night sky. Mars is under the bright ray of light.}
{One of my favorite traditions when I have a weekend alone: takeout {aka a bleu cheese burger + truffle fries} and watching made-for-TV movies.}
{White roses in the autumn sun.}
{An orangey-pink sky + blue-grey sea.}

x Paris

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