A Dose of Pretty

{An epic Halloween sunset at the beach.}

And just like that, somehow we’re already in November. This month tends to fly by for me – a holiday weekend next week + a holiday week off at the end of the month equates to a month the tends to go by in the blink of an eye. After a relaxing weekend at home last week, this week began with Halloween. We watched movies for lunch and dinner {themed appropriately for the holiday, of course}, ordered burgers + fries and made milkshakes at home for dinner, and went to the beach at sunset to enjoy the view of the sunsetting over the pier downtown. While the rest of the week was a bit more focused on work over celebrating a holiday, I still made sure I made time to focus on my garden {including adding a new plant to my yard}, began trying my hand at crocheting again, and made time to read each night. I’m excited for another relaxing weekend, hopefully filled with more afternoons at the park and sunsets by the sea. I hope you have a great one as well!

{The latest addition to my garden: a cleansing, California native – white sage.}
{Jupiter hiding amidst the clouds.}
{The cutest, tiniest apple ever.}
{The prettiest pink rose blossom.}
{A glimpse of Mars again in the night sky. He peeks through above the plant.}

x Paris

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