DIY: Gold Rim Jewelry Tray

{Before}                                                                                                                                                      {After}

It’s pretty obvious to anyone who meets me that I am obsessed with gold. From gold jewelry {it took me a long time to warm up to silver, white gold, and platinum, though I adore them all now} to gold accent pieces around the house, there’s something about the warm, rich color that just adds a touch of pretty to any element. Since one of the things missing from my closet was a pretty jewelry dish, I knew I needed to create one and pay homage to my favorite interior design accent color. I decided to create a simple jewelry tray to help organize my things beautifully and corral my sparkliest jewels so that I can see their prettiness on a daily basis by DIY-ing a simple white appetizer plate. This tray helped organize my jewelry and leave my prettiest jewels on display, whether I placed it on my dresser, vanity, or nightstand. I loved that this simple DIY created a pretty punch of color {especially when juxtaposed to the basic white porcelain} that I find so appealing, and the best part is it cost me less than $5.
Tools: Appetizer Plate, Gold Leaf Pen

Step 1: Using the pen, line the edge of the plate. Don’t worry about how thick or thin the line is, or if it is even all around.

Step 2: Once it dries {my pen instantly dried}, go back around the tray with the gold. This time focus on evening out the thickness of the line and filling in any spots that need to be touched up.

Step 3: Using your nails, chip away at any of the gold that isn’t even.

Step 4: Corral your prettiest baubles and enjoy!

x Paris

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