A Dose of Pretty

{Rose petal potpourri in a marble jar that once housed my essential oil candle.}

And somehow, March is now upon us. While I can never get over how fast time seems to be flying by, it’s made me excited for all that spring will offer: cool, overcast mornings, fun weekend getaways, flowers in bloom, and more sunshine. This weekend I’m excited to spend some time spring cleaning the house, cooking some of our favorite meals {and enjoying them with a movie or two}, and chasing a sunset over the sea. Since we’ll be traveling next week, I’m feeling extra excited to savor our time spent at home. And with the forecasted rain, I cannot wait to light some candles, bake some cookies, and make our home feel as cozy as possible. I hope you have a great one as well! x

{Palm trees in the moonlight at dusk.}
{The sweetest sign asking us to please adopt these succulents.}
{A cloudy sunset by the pier.}
{Visiting the sweet birds at the bird park.}
{A cloud covered moon.}

x Paris

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