A Dose of Pretty

{The prettiest drink: an iced matcha and orange blossom infused tea, topped off with pretty pansies.}

Somehow, April will be here this weekend, meaning we’ve already completed the first quarter of 2023. The last week of March has truly felt like spring has sprung. It rains most nights through the morning. But by the afternoon, the sun is out and any hint of it having rained is gone. I’ve loved this balance of being able to have those cozy, candlelit late night/ early morning hours with the sound of the rain outside, followed by warm, dry afternoons that make my flowers happy. I’m excited for a lazy, warm April weekend with absolutely no plans at all, especially as we will be traveling next weekend. I’ll be taking the next week off for our spring break, exploring Charleston {my first time in the city and in South Carolina} for an extra long weekend. I hope you have a great one as well, and can’t wait to see you back here on April 18, 2023 with new content! x

{Morning rain that makes me hope that March showers will bring April flowers.}
{My go-to drink of choice: oat milk tea lattes.}
{Barely ripened berries + marigold blooms.}
{Brody and I on an afternoon beach walk.}
{Sunlight peeking out from behind the clouds.}

x Paris

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