A Dose of Pretty

{Morning beach walks – along with a true crime podcast + my dog – have become my new favorite way to start the day.}

This week was one for the books! The weather was gorgeous – cool, crisp mornings followed by warm, sunny afternoons – and the epitome of spring, we were nicely settled back into the routine of being home after a fun trip to Charleston, South Carolina over Easter weekend, and I got back into an old, pre-pandemic routine of daily walks. In 2019 and 2020, one of my favorite activities became going for long walks with Brody and listening to a podcast {it helped that I lived in downtown San Diego at the time so everywhere I went was usually on foot}. Somehow, over the following two years, that activity fell by the wayside. I’ve really enjoyed getting back into it and it was a nice reminder to not forget the things we used to love doing. I’m excited for a relaxing weekend, preferably filled with a couple of walks by the beach with a true crime podcast and my pup! I hope you have a great one as well!

{Lemon blueberry ricotta pancakes with a mascarpone cream sauce + blueberry coulis for a midweek brunch date.}
{Crafting night for springtime floral wreaths. Not pictured: the wine + cookies for snacks.}
{A bright sunset-hued rose that beautifully displays Brody’s favorite color.}
{Stunning rays of light as we flew over some southern states on our way to Charleston.}
{Brody’s paw prints always bring me the most joy.}

x Paris

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